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Zoragarri was still at work, sniffing and taste testing ingredients in order to hopefully remake the potion she had so accidentally destroyed. She had gotten through over four-fifths of the ingredients she'd purchased, the cries of the deceased being muted by her adorable earmuffs. In front of her was a smaller brewing kit, purchased during a prior semester.

"Ghostvine, check. Norngrass, check. Dysenthenium, check. Mana herb, check. Dirty mopwater from the original potion... check."

She begins her brewing as per norm, the pup smiling happily and ignoring the continuing humdrum of blood-curdling shrieks and cries. Rolling her eyes as she listens to the peaceful silence, she soon has a purple mix reminiscent of the original.

"Now... to drink, or to toss."

She takes a small sip of the concoction, the horrific sounds amplifying in intensity as ghosts begin to appear in her vision. The three ghosts in her vision bore a resemblance to other students... tattered uniforms covering their spectral forms. One resembling an older woman raises its arm and snaps its ethereal fingers, tattered old book flying into the room via the open window.

Zoragarri was not having any of this and had fainted from utter fear. The ghosts leave, a centuries-old notice for an overdue book landing on the floor next to the unconscious student.
NEC 203: Whoops! Part 2
Summary: Zoragarri tries to recreate her potion and gets tormented by fears long overdue.

Word Count: 215
"Alright... s... so I have to drink this and I'll see ghosts? I... I can't see ghosts, and... I don't want to go through with this..."

Zoragarri was stressed out as usual about her assignments, this one having been procrastinated on because of her fear of the undead. Pacing back and forth in her solitary dorm room, she held the flask in her currently humanoid hands whilst contemplating the weight of her sanity versus a grade. Back and forth... back and forth...

"Just sip... There are nice ghosts, right? N.. no... This is a dark arts academy! What would Dad do...?"

She halts her pacing and stares at her opened window, watching the wind blow in the cool night air. The sudden brush of a leaf on her cheek caused the tall pup to panic, her hands reverting back into their pathetically adorable paws as the potion tumbled to the floor. The mess was everywhere and Zoragarri had thankfully stepped back, the glass and the purple concoction having not landed on her skin or fur. Seeing her mess, she scrambles about and cleans things with a mop before wiping her brow. "G.. great... I guess I can do the next assignment."

Licking her metaphorical wounds clean, Zoragarri leaves her room and returns with an assorted bag of herbs and spices she had purchased by bartering over a few vials of her blood. She then sets down her bag and scatters the ingredients, looking at each package with a squint.

"Arrowroot... vermillion, essence of snapdragon flower... Aha! Ground ghostvine!"

Zoragarri then goes silent, hearing the wailing of the sad spirits of the damned echoing throughout the school, enduring the sobbing wails of deceased classmates and professors alike. She stares straight at the wall in front of her with a look of horror before quickly putting modified earmuffs over them, calming down once the cries of the restless dissipate from her sensitive canine ears.

"Ghostvine... definitely ghostvine..."
NEC 203: Whoops!
Summary: Zoragarri attempts to do the first assignment for Necromancy 203, but panics and finds an solution to her fears.

Word Count: 321
45 deviations
OW App: Zoragarri Year Four
Basic Information
Name: Zoragarri Heroi
Age: 19
Height: 6’2
Species: Euskal Werewolf
Species Description: Werewolf species native to the Basque Country of France and Spain. Can effectively blend in with humans or wildlife when fully mature, as well as draw power from the moon. Confused with the common werewolf due to myth and legend associating the two together.

>Temporary Shapeshifting- She can temporarily alter aspects of her appearance to be more wolflike or humanoid. Currently, due to not being fully developed, she can only change minor things such as her hands or feet. This skill has grown to be more powerful, her paws becoming vicious claws and her mid becoming more feral when in a life or death scenario. This new transformation is involuntary and drains her of most of her energy.
>Lunar Lunacy- Similar to the typical werewolf, she is affected by the moon and moonlight. However, her physical and magical abilities are heightened at the cost of unpredictable mood swings and dampened judgment. 

Academic Information

Level: Blood

PTS 201
PTS 203
NEC 203

Passed Courses: BST 101, NEC 103, PTS 102

Experience: n/a (Not calculated as of yet)

Personal Information

>Learning new things
>The concept of immortality
>Reading both fiction and nonfiction
>Friends… though acquiring them may be an issue
>Her parents
>Cooking/Eating homemade food

>Bugs, arthropods, vermin, etc
>Being assumed to be a normal werewolf
>Being called childish

>Intelligent, quick learner, studious
>Strong sense of determination
>Dedicates herself fully to any task at hand.
>Excellent cook

>Silver burns her on contact
>Is ridiculously shy
>Is afraid of many different things
>Can get emotional
>Does not trust strangers

>Gain eternal life
>Become more confident
>Survive the academy
>Keep safe from corrupting forces

>Bugs and other nasty things
>Tight spaces
>Never seeing her parents again
>Being Possessed


Zoragarri is an introverted teen that has hopes and dreams so ridiculously hard to attain that she is embarrassed to mention them. She is determined to seek out these goals, however, through sheer determination and will. While she is ridiculously attentive to her aspirations, she is also fairly nervous around new people. After getting her to break out of her timid little shell, however, she can be very cheerful and playful. Around those that she is comfortable with, she tends to overall act very friendly and open to others. When threatened, she tries to appear intimidating while simultaneously cowering away. She is, in general, very scared of the less humanlike students and teachers.


Zoragarri has lived quite a sheltered life for most of her time in existence. Living in a small apartment in New Orleans, she'd been homeschooled by her mother and not allowed to venture beyond the house. Every day, her mother would teach her out of textbooks and play games with her as a means to help her develop. The highlight of each of these days, however, was when her father would come home from work at night and read her fairy tales before bed. When she was in her mid teens, however, she'd begun to crave the supernatural and asked for her parents to get her books on the subject. Of course, her parents did so in order to keep the budding teen entertained through her isolation. Through these books, she'd found a few notes scrawled inside mentioning the OtherWorlde Academy. Desiring above all else to learn and finally see the outside world, she tells her parents of this opportunity on her sixteenth birthday. This is rejected by her loving parents… much to her displeasure. Acting out of emotion, she snuck out of the apartment via the fire escape the next night and hitchhiked her way to the approximate location of the school. Walking the rest of the way with only a bundle of books and a change of clothes as luggage, she enters and signs the application book...

Year 1
Zoragarri's first year has been fairly rough. Aside from making new friends and attending her classes, some very traumatizing events have occurred. While attempting to do her final for Necromancy 103, she was possessed by the spirit of a 1920's flapper girl. She does not speak of what happened inside her head during this event, though it is apparent that she is uncomfortable with the topic. Shortly after, she had become a tribute for the tournament and found herself inside one of the hourglasses. This resulted in her crying for mercy for most of the mask, soon discovering the next phase of her transformative ability. She has yet to replicate the claws that had formed as a result of that fateful day, but it has done greatly to lift her spirits and has made her a little bit more confident. She is beginning to mature physically and she is excited about how she'll end up once fully matured.

Year 2
Not much has happened of note aside from a potionmaking class trip into the Bad Garden. Within, she'd... unfortunately... discovered a more wild and violent side of herself. For the rest of the semester, Zoragarri had been visiting family and even took her friend Yuzuki Yuri along with her. Unfortunately, however, Yuri appears to have taken off school this semester, leaving poor Zoragarri to deal with the horrors of the academy by herself...

Year 3
Still not too much has happened, though Zoragarri has found Cain to be like an older brother to her. The daily routines of the academy still frighten Zoragarri, more so after the disappearance of her roommate, and a lack of any money has lead to her still wearing her old clothes from her first year at the academy.

Misc. Information:
>Is a hopeless romantic.
>Loves to indulge in her canine side, though offerings to play fetch or give her a bone are seen as racist.
>She is excellent at most board games.
>While she is happy to be at the academy, Zoragarri likes to keep in touch with her parents.
>Anyone that reads to her before bed is seen as a great friend.
>Her name translates as “adorable hero” and she's her daddy's little hero :’3

Character Relationships

Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U!  - Likes | Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U!  - Dislikes | Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U!  - Unsure | Dot Bullet (Tan) - F2U!  - Interested By | Dot Bullet (Purple) - F2U!  - Saddened By | Gray Dot Bullet - F2U!  - Fearful Of | Pink Dot Bullet - F2U!  - Crushing On | Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U!  - Love |

Sample Name -  - Sample description of relationship.

Wendy Van zwet ( :iconsmilephone: ) - Dot Bullet (Purple) - F2U!Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! - After the events of the tournament, Wendy has decided to distance herself from Zoragarri. It's a shame Zoragarri lost this friend, and she feels guilty about the predicament.

Yuzuki Yuri ( :iconxxsoulsealerxx: ) - Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U!Dot Bullet (Tan) - F2U!Pink Dot Bullet - F2U!  -  A great friend, even in her current absence.

Bartholomew Ansuz ( :iconbaturen: ) - Dull Green Dot Bullet - F2U!Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U!Dot Bullet (Tan) - F2U! - Where to even begin... After meeting him and doing an assignment alongside him, she sees Bartholomew as a sort of friend. She's a tad worried about him, the guy seemingly devoid of any sort of fear. This also interests her in a way... how can someone be so calm? She hasn't seen him in a while and she is beginning to worry.

Cain ( :iconshaygoyle: ) - Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U!Dot Bullet (Tan) - F2U! - A great friend! He likes to help and she likes to be around him. When around, he always seems to radiate confidence and calms Zoragarri rather easily.

Shaya ( :iconshaygoyle: ) - Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U!Dot Bullet (Tan) - F2U! - Cain's wife and a very nice person. Vampires seemed scary at first, but Shaya is too nice to seem that way.
..and more to add!!!

Roleplaying Preferences

Where do you like to roleplay? Notes, comments, Skype? Preferences or limits? Would you like to join the OW Skype Group? If so, indicate Skype username or note it to viralremix

I prefer Notes or (mainly) Skype, though comments are okay here if there is no other choice. Ask for Skype via notes.
Pretty much anything is game. Ask for more details if interested.


Script Sample
Zoragarri: *sighs* I need new clothes soon...

Lit Sample
Zoragarri sighs and looks down at her clothes, which she had outgrown since her first years of the academy. "I need new clothes soon..."
So... I came upon a nifty little anime called Kemono Friends.

It looks fairly low budget and was originally made to be released alongside a mobile game that was discontinued last year. Stranger even is the fact that it's a rather recent anime and has garnered a huge following despite its admittedly small beginnings.

As for plot, I won't reveal too much. Basically, it is a story set in the fictional zoo Japari Park and all of the animals are humanoid kemonomimi called Friends. The main protagonist is a kid that doesn't know she's human, so she sets off to find out what the heck she is.

If you give the anime a chance and put aside the animation quality, however, it seems to shine a little and have fun being what it is. At its heart, it's an innocent journey. Keen eyes, however, will notice things amiss. I have to applaud this anime for its avoidance of fanservice (probably due to a younger demographic considering the nature of the anime) and will definitely finish watching it sometime soon. Might even make a fun setting for Rp if anyone might be down to discuss.


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